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Customize Your Moose

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Product Description


• 20.5″ tall
• 24.75″ wide
• 7.75″ deep

The moose head animal mount, includes three pieces (head & two antlers), finished in non-toxic paint, (or contact us for custom color orders).

* The antlers are removable to save space in shipping.

*Fast Shipping! Shipping to the US will be on your doorstep in 2-5 business days.  The 2-5 shipping business days starts after the 1-3 days it takes to paint the product.

*The colors presented are representational only and should not be used to judge the actual color 100%.

PLEASE NOTE: No moose were harmed in the making of this moose wall mount.
That’s right! This is faux or fake taxidermy. It looks downright fantastic and it’s made to look just like the taxidermy. In fact, it looks even better than real taxidermy. Since it is a replica you don’t need to worry about any animals having been harmed. This is a resin moose head which means it is made of polyresin.

Even though taxidermy is usually associated with the outdoorsy, woody, rustic décor and looks, this resin moose head is not the same. Imagine a plain black wall with a pure white moose wall mount. It will give a very suave and modern look. The appeal of this resin moose head lies in the fine craftsmanship and the brilliant colors it is painted. Now if you’re someone who doesn’t want white colored faux taxidermy, you can simply order a custom colored piece.
You can use a moose wall mount for a variety of decorative purposes. The aesthetic value of this item is immense. It can be placed in any room and since you have the luxury of ordering a custom colored piece, you don’t have to worry about match making; or in other words the theme and color contrast.

So what are you waiting for? Decorate you homes ASAP with this moose wall mount. Invite over a couple of friends, especially if they are animal lovers and have a laugh!

Hanging Instructions:

• Use a monkey hook, strong nail or screw
• Glue the antlers in the head before hanging

Before Purchasing:

Please review our shop policies. Thank you for your business.

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Additional Information

Head Color

White, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, Chrome

Antler Color

White, Gold, Silver, Bronze, Black, Chrome

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